Driving Railways Forward: Excellence Since 2009
Driving Railways Forward: Excellence Since 2009

Since its inception in 2009, XAPIKA has quickly carved a niche for itself in the realm of rolling stock maintenance. As a premier and independent railway service expert, our collaborations span prominent players in the industry. Our services extend to countries including Ukraine, Poland, Turkey, Brazil, and Egypt, anchored by our central offices in Kyiv, Ukraine, and Warsaw, Poland. A robust team of over 100 engineers and technicians stands ready to meet our clients' needs throughout Europe.

Our diverse offerings include:

  • Development and optimization of vehicle subsystems.
  • Vehicle certification, commissioning, warranty services, and modernization.
  • Advanced maintenance approaches, featuring predictive tools and condition-based maintenance.
  • Remote monitoring systems for condition and health assessments via Tracking and Tracing solutions.


Our esteemed clients range from railway operators, manufacturers of rolling stock, and construction firms to banks, leasing companies, and both regional and global regulatory agencies.

With a keen eye on the latest in railway technology, our adept engineers devise innovative solutions for challenges related to trains. A fervent advocate for sustainability, we incorporate Circular Economy methodologies in our quest for a more sustainable railway future. Across all our endeavors, whether it's maintenance, repair, innovation, or enhancement, we pledge unmatched quality and client satisfaction.

Xapika represents the fusion of technology and dedicated service, emphasizing strategies like condition-based maintenance. To further aid our professionals, our AI-driven ChatBot streamlines the search process, enabling easy access to manuals, drawings, and a wealth of other resources as needed.